Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Get A Lot Of Veiws On Youtube

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Today's post is for my reader who love Youtube & the benefits of Youtube...Now we all know millions of people use Youtube everyday for entertainment just like a social site...But what people fail to realize is Youtube is a platform,,so it is a social site in a sense they have their similarities far as adding friends following people adding people leaving comments you get the picture...So today my friends I'm going to put you in on a little secret th@ I use to Get Lots Of Views On Youtube & rank @ the top page when people search for your video...Most Hits On Youtube come from a nice amount of traffic driven from certain keywords people type in the search engine when searching for videos they wanna watch...
                           Now in order to Get More Youtube Hits I need you to follow a few secret powerful tips th@ will get your video on the top page for your search within 24 hours...First thing you need to do before you even publish a Youtube video is target keywords th@ relates to our video so th@ when people type in a certain words th@ relate to you video your video shows up on the first page for th@ search...Next think of a catchy title th@ catches people eye & attention...And the reason is people go off titles when they search for videos & yours might happen to catch their eye..
                             Final step,,make sure your video holds value people love value if they like it they'll share it instantly to friends & other sites which will generate even more hits...Now after you take these few secret tip & implement them to your Youtube videos & instantly Get More Youtube Hits and show up on the top page of your search within 24 hours...If this post helped out in anyway please feel free to leave a comment & share this...It only motivates me to keep writing for you guys much appreciated thanks. You might wanna follow me on my journey and bend your ear to my latest album #MONEYMUSICSEX to listen Click This Link...

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