Saturday, September 10, 2011


                         Hey,,hey,,hey !!!
good day to my creator,,universe,,family & friends,,hope all is swell...Today I was putting a few hours into my new website I'm building six months ago with no experience whatsoever...As I was working I started dwelling on a deep thought something useful & something worth sharing with you guys,,"MOTIVATION"...In this post I'm going to break it down in a few simple steps th@ I use on a daily
to stay motivated & this can help you in whatever it is you wanna accomplish in life...
                   To me this basically means stick to your element,,Whatever it is you truly desire whether it's sports,,art,,business,,school whatever the case may be you gotta be focused passionate & have desire for it...Because some people start off pumped up & motivated,,but when they see the results they're looking for right away they tend to loose focus & interest so to me it's very important to do something you enjoy & love doing...
                    Don't expect something to fall out the sky into your lap you gotta take action...This is the fun part because this is when you get to put in a few hours a day practicing hands on,,cause we all know practice makes perfect...You should also do plenty of research which is always good to have some kind of knowledge of whatever it is you wanna know about,,never know you might be helping someone out in the future with the info you know & learned...This is also helpful,,watch some of the things successful people you admire do and add a twist it...
                     Start Planning & setting up goals for yourself twice a month...What I mean by this is to imbed in your mind what it is you want to accomplish in a two week time frame..Come up with 5 great ideas th@ separate you from the rest of the pack...Th@ way people start to notice your work and your unique style...I always push the issue on this one right here about being passionate because th@'s when you see the best results every time...Start sharing some of your projects with family & friends asking & getting their opinion & comments on your work,,,You all know we like a lil ego boosting every once in a while...And last but not least,,stay using these methods & strategies on a day to day basis and it can only help you become greater @ what you do...If this post helped you in anyway feel free to leave a comment & share this much appreciated...If u want more updates & good music sign up here @ DARKSIDEMUSIC.NET  
Spread the word th@ would be highly appreciated
Till next time I'm gone....


  1. What's good Top Dogg! I'm here for two reasons. First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for the great music you make and I'd like to let you know that being a fan of yours is a real pleasure. I'm also here to thank you for that suscription of 14 days of free music you are giving away. I really appreciate that. Now, talking about motivation (your article), I think you got the point exactly on this one. Your reflexion is deep and trust me, I feel you. This helped me to realize that life is life and, whatever you want to do, you have to do it your best. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us Top, I can only thank you for it.

    Your big fan,

    Tha Wonder :)

  2. I'll take this and try it out man