Saturday, November 19, 2016

The cheapest way to promote your music more effectively



                       When you take the time to put in you're actually investing in getting back. I say that because lately I've been having a lot of people ask me how do I get my music out there, how do I promote my music more effectively. You promote your music more effectively like this, have a definite plan & purpose then take action.
                      What I mean by that is this, when I was with death row records I never really had to worry about Promotion because it was already taken care of and all I had to do was focus on music. So when everything went haywire with Death Row, I started to promote myself. I found myself uploading song after song after song because the new technology kicking in which was computer, everybody was using it & everything was moving at a fast speed.
                       So I was trying to keep up but I was just scattered all over the place without a purpose nor a plan so I wasn't getting the feedback that I expected. Thinking I can get online and have it the way I want it didn't quite pan out, I had to actually work. So I went back to the drawing board did a bunch of research & implemented different strategies. And the most effective strategy that seem to work was to stay hungry humble and honest, I started engaging with people and I realized that when you're interested in people they become interested in you without a doubt.
                        I started to notice that when I engage with people on Twitter they started engaging back followers started to shoot & elevate at a fast pace. So then I took that strategy to Soundcloud, start leaving comments, what I like about The song what particular line that stood out in the song the sound of the song instruments used etc to where they believe & knew for a fact that I really listened to their track & not just push it aside. I also did a lot of repost plays and likes on the platform and in return, the plays likes repost comments start pouring in. I was astound that it actually worked, so now when I promote I'm all over the place but I have a purpose and I have a plan & it all works out much smoother and so much cheaper.
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