Friday, June 5, 2015



                    As you probably know by now, It wasn't long before I had a major recording contract with Death Row Records sealed in a vanilla envelope stapled together with 150 pages right here in my very own hands. All the anticipation about me signing was talk of the city. From the radio, different record labels, & being mentioned throughout the streets. People everywhere was inquiring about the new artist Suge Knight was about to sign.

By that time, I had a double sided single out, one of the tracks was called 'Me & My Boyz' which was a song dedicated to all my homeboys from the hood. And the other track was called 'Going Back 2 Cali', which was a real controversial track, that got me plenty of exposure & it was placed on the 'Gang Related' sound track.

I was having the most incredible time of my life. My positive frequency stayed charged up, all good things were coming at me at full speed like a freight. I just stayed humbled & embraced them all. Kept the same circle of friends around me, cause that's what kept me grounded & a straight head on my shoulders as if none of this even existed.

Then one morning I woke up sort of early showered up, blazed up a nice one, then started working on my craft. It was about 2 & half hours in the middle of my writing, I receive a phone call from one the staff members, telling me I had studio time today at a certain time, and have a verse ready for 2pac's 'All About U'. I paused for a brief second cause I heard what he said, but I just didn't catch it as quick as he threw it at me. So I play it cool like yeah, ok I'll be there. So when I hit the studio, I walked in the building, took a deep breath step in the booth and 5 minutes later, This was the verse I left for the world to hear. Click Here. If you like what you heard You might wanna follow me on my journey and bend your ear to my latest single from the #MONEYMUSICSEX album

Please Spread the word th@ would be highly appreciated Till next time I'm gone....