Sunday, November 23, 2014

Increasing Traffic To Your SoundCloud Page/Seo For Dummies


                     Guud day to the universe my creator along with family & friends Lately I've really playing around & experimenting with my soundcloud page and came across some important information I call the (Seo For Dummies) cause anybody can do this & I would like to share this  with you guys...1st off needless to say with sound cloud don't expect many plays or more followers if your not giving your sound page any attention ,,meaning don't just post music & expect tons of plays & tons of followers etc because you feel like your song is hot,,unless you pay for it which I wouldn't recommend because the stats tend to look strange when you check website status & you got 100,000 plays with 1,500 comments on one song & when you scroll down to check out the next song it has 100 plays & one comment weird right,,Even th@ technique you follow 2,000 people hoping every person follows you back approach shouldn't be an option either,,@ least not in my book,,because what tends to happen is you follow all these people with different genres of music your probably not really interested in posted on you page which makes it harder to check out the people you really listen to...
                       So with th@ said I'm going to give you a few simple tips th@ should help you guys out a lot by increasing followers,,plays comments etc,,proof is in the pudding just check out my page {Click Here} you can see where I just posted music getting only a few hundred plays within a year or two until I implemented my strategy which are now getting me major results within days...1st things 1st,,image is everything so make sure U have a nice profile pic th@ catch people eye,,2nd before making sharing your song make sure you label it correctly by using keywords for instance instead of just putting the title of your song first add a keyword at the beginning like "new rap" then the title of your song with the link to your website..This direct traffic to your profile when someone searches the keyword you use..
                      3rd. tags tags tags use as many as possible,,this also helps generate a lil more traffic & new followers to your page gaining you more plays & followers...4th.This step is the meat & bread for all sound cloud users because it requires engaging with other creative artist by following leaving comments likes & reposts...Note: other artist do see this...Cause when you mingle meet shake hands & rub elbows people love th@ stuff & they will do the same & help you out as well gaining you a few more followers & plays likes repost & comments...with th@ being said if you implement these techniques & put @ least 30 min a day using them you will see a big difference on your sound cloud. you might wanna follow me on my journey and bend your ear to my single on my album #MONEYMUSICSEX to listen Click This Link...

Please Spread the word th@ would be highly appreciated Till next time I'm gone....


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