Monday, June 1, 2015

Blog Of My Life

                      As a kid I always had a love for music, but I was an artist so It wasn't really a passion or anything, I  just liked it. but I remember vividly, It was the year of 93, when I truly started having this desire for music & wanting to becoming a recording artist. I remember cause It was a bit hotter than average that summer and me and my buddy T -Mell used to sit around his house drinking up all the beverages & eat'N up the snacks while listening to a lot of underground rap, clowning around free styling to other artist's instrumentals like Busta Rhymes 'I Got You All In Check', Ras Kaz, Heltah Skeltah, Biggie, Wu Tang, Cube, 2Pac, Snoop, & Dre, until it was cool enough to go back outside & get with our other friends. But I remember every night after those lil freestyle sessions we had at T- Mell's house, I was more amped & enthused to go back the next day, just so I could listen to a few tracks & give it all I got trying to come thru better than I did the day before.

By the way I forgot to mention we was recording on the cassettes with the little recordable tape player so at the time we were able to listen to playback & the foolishness we slapped on tapes just to get a feel of recording. Shit was fun, few weeks went past & by this time I'm thinking to myself, I love doing this but where is it going. So me & T- Mell called ourselves forming our own alliance. We formed a group, we called 'The Dynamic Duo',I started taking it serious, so serious that I actually started sitting in the house more just because it felt good playing with different words making them rhyme & tie into a story. I thought that was cool shit, But as I found myself taking it more serious my sidekick T -Mell wasn't really enthused as I was. It wasn't until I found out my other buddy Jay Gee from the neighbor hood was getting down with the music also, and he serious about what he do. So me & Jay Gee linked up recorded hours and hours of tapes.

I'm serious when I say hours I mean hours, it was dope cause he was feeling the same way I was & had passion the same way I did so we connected easily. We had about five 60 minute cassettes with scratched up old ass labeling with tape holding the cassette together that we filled up front to back with a bunch of written stuff & freestyles in one night. I started learning more about putting bars together & how to finish & completing an entire composition. Music was becoming a passion. I was literally eating,, breathing,, sleeping,, my dreams would be about the label I wanna sign with the type of car I would drive, money, etc. It seemed like everything would be about music. I couldn't escape the feeling,  it felt exhilarating, it was like the universe was shifting it's gears to work in my favor.

Me & Jay Gee kept recording and by this I started reaching out to producers & engineers with low budget studios. At the time the hottest young DJ at the High School I attended which was Centennial High was DJ 2TUFF. I got at home about whipping up a demo cause I was fired up & I wanted to slide my music to different people for feedback. So 2TUFF & I got together, he had a chance to listen to some the music I had, he told me it's dope but he had something for me just give him a few days. With in a few days I receive a page, lol I know pagers right, I had a pretty cool looking one so hey. But any anyways it was 2Tuff with a track he played over the phone, I was listening to my very own custom made track he had made specially for me.

It blew my mind cause I was always rapping over other artist beats. And it was also wild because it was a track he thought suits me, which was a rough, rugged, raw sound that I was digging so I had no problem with it what so every. That track winded up being 'Me & My Boyz' that was my first real composition. A song dedicated to all my homeboys. Then I was smart enough to take one of my favorites & that was Lil Kim's 'Big Momma Thang' remixed it, called it 'East Side Thang'. I took my demo made a few copies, started calling & bugging the record label I was alway having dreams about, which was DeathRow Records, the most notorious record label to ever be. Ran by Suge Knight, whom had a bunch of mega stars flooding the music industry with dope music. It was crazy because I started running across some of these artist at the same time I was sending out demos to the company. So after getting down a few times at the angle I was trying to conduct business I some how met a guy by the name of Ron.
I was drawn to this guy because of his paintings he had displayed on the windows of his business. I walked threw the two doors of a quiet building with all sorts of things laying around everywhere, with one of those nice good inn sent smells circulating the building. He walks out from the back which seed. Like out of nowhere because of of the had laying around he pictured that had painted of snoop, 2pac, Suge, etc. so I asked him why did he have so many painting of these guys, do you like their music. He said no theses are his buddies then he went into a few funny crazy stories he encountered cause he hangs out a lot with these guys. My dreams were answered, I knew this had to be heaven sent cause I was drawn to him thru his art which I do also & it lead me to a source. Not only a source but a source with a relationship. Needless to say, but after having a few & sit downs with Mr. Ron & him linking me with J -Flex & J - Flex linking with O.F.T.B that was my big break, I was officially a member of the most notorious record label. So if you're a fan of some the artist I mentioned above, you might wanna follow me on my journey and bend your ear to my latest single from  #MONEYMUSICSEX to listen Click This Link...

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